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Hill’s Science Plan Pouches ideal for your cat!

Succulent tender chunks in a range of wonderful flavors! These practical fresh pouches make Hill’s Science Plan ideal for your cat.

Your cat will love the taste of HILL’S SCIENCE PLAN wet cat food in tender chunks of fish or chicken infused in delicious gravy.  It has the perfect balance of taste and nutrition and is specially formulated for your cat’s different life stage.

The range is available for Kitten, Adult cat and Sterilised cat in pouch size of 85g.

Hill’s Science Plan Kitten food has been developed with nutritional science to help support optimum growth. The tender chunks in gravy contain a unique combination  of  antioxidants, which work together with vitamins to support a healthy immune system. Normal, healthy development of the brain can also be supported with the omega-3 fatty acids DHA.

All of the ingredients are specially selected and particularly high-quality. These help to support digestive function and promote overall wellbeing. This Hill’s Science Plan Kitten Pouches wet cat food can set your kitten up optimally for exploring the world!

Hill’s Science Plan Adult cat food with tender chunks in an irresistible gravy offers your cat an optimal combination of vitamins and minerals for a long and healthy feline life. The reduced salt content can also help to support your cat’s urinary tract health.

Each fresh pouch offers wholesome flavor in a perfect portion, with ocean fish or chicken. This helps to ensure your cat can enjoy a delicious dish at every meal!

Hill’s Science Plan Sterilised Cat Young Adult is a balanced, low-fat wet food that has been specially developed to meet the needs of young sterilised adult cats, helping to keep them fit and healthy. Cats have a tendency to gain large amounts of weight after sterilisation, as the metabolism is slowed but the appetite increased, despite a reduced energy need.

The Hill’s weight management formula with added L-carnitine helps to keep your cat slim and active. The controlled mineral content can also help to support a healthy urinary system. A reduced fat and increased L-lysine content can offer improved vitality. The hearty flavors of chicken and salmon make this Hill’s Science Plan Sterilised Cat Young Adult a delicious delicacy.

In summary the Hill’s Science Plan Pouches offers long lasting freshness thanks to practical portioned pouches, all made with high quality and easy – to digest ingredients that your cat would love!

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