KNOW US BETTER is a specialty online pet store with the aim to provide the lifetime needs of your pets. With proper manpower and facilities, we assure that every single transaction will be handled with care and efficiency. believes that life is better with pets. We understand the feeling you get when your dog greets you at the door or the warmth of your cat curled up on your lap. At we know the unconditional love that pets bring to our everyday lives.

We have dedicated ourselves to serving pet passionate people and their pets. For us, it’s more about the joy of watching your fish, than it is cleaning the tank! We provide our customers with products, services and advice that they need to become great pet parents. It’s what has made special!
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In our eyes, the world is a better place with animals, and we take the welfare of all animals very seriously. At, we pride ourselves on the commitment we’ve made to pets by actively supporting various charitable animal shelters and organizations.

So whether you’re a new pet owner or an expert in your field, our staff are fully trained to serve you and your pets.

Our promise

  • Guaranteed Best Value ​

We go above and beyond to source the best products at the best price, to offer you the best value that you can get. Not only do we have a solid price match policy, but if you take advantage of our Autoship option (coming soon), you’ll automatically receive 30% discounts on your 1st order and 10% on your succeeding orders

  • Pet Nourishment​

At, we don’t just want to help feed your pet, we want to help nurture them too! We offer a lot of the best brands of pet food, treats, health care and more – because we understand that your furry (and non-furry!) family members deserve the best.

  • Honest Expert Advice ​

It’s not enough that we recommend a food or health care product to your pet – it also must be genuine, thoughtful advice. Our qualified staff can answer any questions about the products you need, to help find what’s best for your fur and non-fur babies.